Launching New Products with Professionally Filmed Video

If you have a new product which you are planning on launching and revealing to the world, the promotional material that you release is what makes or breaks it as a successful launch. After all, what's the point of a big launch of a product if no-one knows about it, and what you put out there doesn’t really show off your new star product.

Creating the right advertising and information campaign is central to the success of your product launch – not only in the days around the launch, but also in the following weeks.


Professionally Filmed Videos

There are a number of benefits to using a professionally filmed video to launch your product – either on its own, or as part of a larger campaign.

 Professional - Even if you are a small business or sole trader, you need to look as professional as possible at all times. Generally, the more professional you look, the more people trust you, and the more people trust you, the more likely they are to trust (and buy) your product. You may not want a stuffy, 'professional' looking video, but professionals can make videos look less professional, in a professional way… Get it?

More than a photo – Whilst photos are great for showing an image of a product, videos can show you a whole lot more. You can show different uses for it, how to do certain things, different models and different situations that your product might be used in. Looking into the future, you can show how to look after and repair it.

Branding – A video is a great way to give across branding messaging. You can bulk out your branding, and really show what your business is about through audio and moving image media instead of just a visual still.

Your personality – Consumers today are looking for much more than just a great product. More and more they want to know about the business and the personal side of a company. Videos make it much easier to put a little bit of your unique personality into the face of your company – and in fact, your new product itself.

Uses – Another great benefit of using a video to launch your product is that it can be used in a number of different ways – including – TV ads, YouTube ads, social media ads, sending to email lists, digital billboards, cinema ads, etc. In fact, anywhere that shows videos.

Different Formats – Your video will be available in a number of different formats for you to best get it to the right people at the right time.

Creating a professionally filmed video for the launch of a product is the ideal way to get it out there and seen by a maximum number of people – and that, of course is the whole point. They do everything that photos do and more and are the perfect way to show off your new star product.

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