Real estate agents can utilize real estate videos as a way to show properties that they’re looking to sell. With a video of a property, agents can promote their listing to larger audience without the need to book a multitude of in-person showings. We also specialize in Aerial videography so we can get always get that stunning overhead shot of a property!

No matter the company or the venue, we’re always happy to bring new locations to life in real estate videos. From filming to editing to post-production, we work to bring a variety of elements together to create stunning and memorable real estate videos. Let us know what space we can show off next!

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Videos of virtual tours are great for hotels, resorts & real estate because they offer a clear view of the accommodations that are offered.

To make your virtual tour video as engaging as possible, and to make your location as enticing as possible, we offer professional video production services to capture beautiful footage and edit it together with animated text that perfectly suits the project.


The HI-Tofino Guesthouse in British Columbia hired us to create a virtual tour of their accommodations and their tours. In this video, we blended some great aerial shots of the area with footage of the rooms and facilities. We also included some quick interview clips from guests who stayed at the guesthouse and toured the local area, as well as footage of the wonderful wildlife that calls the region home. Check out the video:


Check out this hotel video of the Punta Preciosa Lodge in Costa Rica. We were able to capture some breathtaking footage of wildlife and waterfalls, and we worked those shots in with some videography of the lodge. The end result was a virtual tour video that gives viewers a chance to see what their accommodations in the lodge would look like, as well as a chance to know what a tour in the region would bring about.


Here's a video that we've produced for the M-Montreal hostel in Montreal, Quebec. This is an award-winning hostel and was ranked the #1 Hostel in North America by HostelWorld.


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