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For a company’s video to garner views and actually lead to more customers coming through the door, it’s not enough for people to watch it – they have to like it. When a promotional video has visually interesting imagery, clean audio, a variety of shots, and engaging stories, it keeps people’s attention. If people like what they see in your video, they'll turn to you when they need your services.

Here's a promo video we worked on for Half Way Motors Nissan in Thunder Bay. This video involved a ton of strategic filming to properly capture the car in motion! Check it out below:


COSTAL FACTS: Promotional videos help companies stand out in a competitive marketplace. They’re excellent marketing tools because they showcase the products or services of a business in the most direct way possible – with images and sounds. Prospective customers and clients get a chance to see exactly what they will be able to get out of a business.

Below are some samples:

In our promo video for Tropical Escapade, an adventure tour company based in Costa Rica, we took some footage of people engaged in rappelling, horseback riding, and other tours to create a video that lets viewers see what the company has to offer. The video shows Tropical Escapade as professional yet approachable and can be seen below:


We’ve been lucky enough to work with some wonderful businesses and create some awesome videos that show off their services. We always work with our clients to create promotional videos that reflect what their company is all about. The key is to create a unique video that fits each company's specific needs.

Below are more samples of the wonderful businesses that we've had the pleasure of working with:

Not enough? View more samples in our Portfolio Here!



Whether you want a quick video that offers a glimpse into your business, or a more extensive one that showcases all that you have to offer, it takes a lot of video recording and some serious post-production work to bring it all together in a good-looking package. We’re here to get you through the whole process. Whether you’re in the Thunder Bay area or beyond, we’d love to work on crafting a promotional video that highlights all that you do.

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