Put Customers Right in the Action

You've created a dynamic business that offers unique experiences. Now you need a marketing plan that is equally innovative. Professionally filmed footage can showcase all that your business has to offer potential customers. This video will become the centrepiece of your marketing plan.

Outdoor adventure is a booming industry that brings in both local and tourist customers. Whether your business is rock climbing, white water rafting or zip lining, showcasing the awesome adventures offered through your company needs to be a priority.  

The beauty of the outdoors is free and getting the professionals in to take video of this backdrop is a must. After all, you're trying to sell an outdoor adventure. You can give potential customers a taste of what they'll be getting and a visual sell is often an easier one. Take advantage of all that video marketing can do for your business.  

As a customer, you may have never experienced zip lining or rafting. Having professionally shot video of what that might look like can help to dispel fear and even excite potential customers. 

You have the elements of excitement within your business offerings, you have the outstanding natural backdrop and now, with professional video production, you can share it all with the world. Video can complement all of your social media outlets.

A great production company will provide professional quality video. If you are running any outdoor adventure company, it’s important to include video to both your website and online media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It's also worth noting that amateur video will not do. Anyone can strap on a GoPro and hit the trails, water or slopes, but it takes a professional to really showcase the experience. While a professionally made video can do wonders for your business, a poorly made one can do more harm than good.

While creating video for your business, there is more to consider than simple video production. When you hire the professionals, they will start with a plan that will fit into your marketing vision and your budget. They will consider if a script or actors are needed. All of this will be decided in the planning process. There will be pre-production, production and post-production that will include editing. They will help you to decide what story you want to tell with your video and provide all the effects needed including sound and lighting. It's a one-stop shop when you hire the professionals.   

Including video in the marketing of your outdoor adventure business is an important element to your plan. Getting it right the first time is key. Professional quality video production is well worth the investment and can put your business on the map.