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It can be awe-inspiring to see the stars come out at night, or to watch the sun rise through the darkness. Time lapse photography involves capturing hundreds of images and then weaving them together to create a motion picture. It is a complex process, but when done properly the end results can be stunning. Costal Productions has plenty of experience in capturing these advanced shots and can do so anywhere, anytime, every time. 

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To date, we've captured over 700 individual time lapse clips to incorporate in video projects that we've produced or were involved with. Cityscapes, landscapes, hyper lapse, astro photography, and traffic shots are some examples of the types of clips we can create. Please take a look at our time lapse demo reel below showcasing a variety of different shots we have created in the past as part of promo videos:

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Amaze Your Audience:

Time lapse photography can be one of the most prominent ways of getting your customers attention. The video produced through time lapse photography can act as a visually interesting piece on its own, or it can be blended with scenes of regular speed action in a variety  of productions. Promotional videos, event videos, travel films, and corporate videos can all benefit from scenes involving time lapse photography. They're excellent at showing the vibrancy of a particular environment like a city square, or the majesty of the sun setting behind a waterscape.

Here's a video that we've produced for a camera-equipment company, Cinevate to promote the launch of their innovative new time lapse motion control device, Modo.

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Below is a time lapse montage that showcases the waterfalls in the Thunder Bay area. To access all of these involved 35km of hiking!

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We will take care of all details of the shoot to make sure that it runs perfectly and meets our high quality standards. Please contact us for inquiries about shooting time lapse or licensing previously shot clips in 4K.

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