What makes a corporate video different from a typical promotional video is that it may be intended only for a specific audience or audiences. Corporate videos are usually used for internal communications or for business-to-business (B2B) interactions, and are generally not made available to public viewers.

Corporate videos can be used to showcase a product to employees within a company, to present the results of reports like financial audits, as a training tool to educate employees, or as a safety video to promote safe working conditions. The more professional your corporate video, the more likely it is your staff members will take pride in their jobs and their duties.


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One of the most common uses for corporate videos is for training new staff members. Videos offer a more engaging educational tool than a manual. New employees can get a better understanding of what their duties are, and can actually see how they’re expected to carry them out. A training video can include clips of employees at work, and illustrate how they deal with challenges that may arise over the course of a normal day.


A corporation’s brand refers to more than just its logo and colours; it’s what ideas and images come to mind when you think of the corporation. So to establish a brand that reflects positive values, a brand video can show the positive impact of the corporation’s work. These sort of films let employees feel as though they’re part of a corporation that makes a difference.

We’re happy to work with businesses in the Thunder Bay area and beyond. We can film and produce professional corporate videos to share within your company and with other businesses. Whether it’s for training new employees, strengthening your brand, or presenting information about your company, leaving your corporate video to our professional video production company will help you achieve the best results.

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