Filming A Car Dealership Promo Video

Filming any video can be a tough task for most; but filming a video that involves lots of moving objects such as cars takes it to a whole new level.

It takes extreme precision, coordination, and experience to properly film a moving car. You have to coordinate with the driver or the car being filmed, and often the driver of the vehicle you’re filming from. Lucky we at Costal Productions have tons of experience in filming vehicles and other fast moving objects, so we’re able to get the shot very efficiently.

Aerials for the win: An awesome way to film vehicles is from above! We utilize our drone for all kinds of shoots but shooting overhead video of a moving car is really something else! Drones have single handedly changed the face of video production.

It also takes solid precision to light a car properly. For once, shooting during the peak hours of the day is actually useful when filming vehicles, along with other lighting and reflectors or course.

Here’s a video we recently produced/filmed for a car dealership; Downtown Volkswagen in Thunder Bay, Ontario to promote their brand new service; Downtown Customs. This video was shot over three days and we used every trick in the book to pull it off!

For this video we had a team of 4 people: 

Victor Chimenti (Director/Cinematographer/Editor)

Damien Gilbert (Cinematographer)

Devan Mascarin (Driver/Pre-Production)

Megan Fero (Production Assistant/Behind The Scenes Shooter)

The video was shot at 10 different locations around Thunder Bay and this is just a small view as to what goes down during a shoot.

Here’s a behind the scenes video that shows the process and effort that went into producing this video.

Do you have a car dealership or vehicle that needs promotion? Look no further, call Costal Productions today!