Doing Drone Videography the Right Way

There is no denying that drones are a huge amount of fun, and when it comes to video production, they open up a whole new world of possibilities! That said, drones are expensive pieces of technology and a lot can go wrong. A faulty controller, a mishandled maneuver, and even changes in weather can render your investment useless. I love how drones make it possible to capture aerial footage never before possible without access to helicopters or airplanes. Now, more than ever, getting the bird’s-eye view isn’t the exception, it’s the rule! And we never seem to get tired of seeing what there is to see from way up high.

What to Know Before You Fly

Both flight time and distance are factors when it comes to choosing the right drone. The longer the drone can stay in the air, and the farther it can be from the controller drastically increases the price of the unit. Often, it just doesn’t make sense to take on this project alone. Not only do I have the skills and experience required to get the shot you’re after, but I am also familiar with the airspace regulations associated with operating drones. Ensuring that you are following the rules of drone videography is incredibly important. In Ontario, drones under 35kg that are being used for recreational purposes do not need permission to be flown. You can read the rest of Transport Canada’s rules surrounding drones here.

Applications for Aerial Videography

Aerial videography through the use of drones is an increasingly popular trend. And for good reason! Properly done, aerial videography leads to compelling, inspiring video production that can help grow your business. There are many industries that will benefit from the use of drones. For example, the tourism industry! Selling the experience is huge for tourism, and aerial videography allows you to make the experience come to life in promotional videos. Imagine providing eager tourists with bird’s-eye views of waterfalls, and rivers and allowing them to picture themselves experiencing it too. Another industry that has already harnessed the power of aerial videography is the real estate sector. Drones are fantastic at capturing the look and feel of a property. These videos are then edited, and included in the gallery of images for each property. The more information a potential home buyer has, the more confident they are making an offer.

Aerial videography through the use of drones is the way of the future! If you would like to learn more about how Costal Productions can bring your business to life, I would love to hear from you!