Thunder Bay Video Production

Costal Productions has the amazing opportunity to spend time with businesses throughout Thunder Bay, creating videos that shed light on their unique offerings. Having the chance to get to know the entrepreneurial spirits behind the businesses themselves helps me take their videos to the next level. Video production is about so much more than editing hours of interviews and footage into a cohesive, compelling video. It’s about telling a story.

Over the course of my career I’ve had the sincere pleasure of working with a variety of businesses from around the world. Some of my favourite companies to work with are the ones that spend their days in the great outdoors. For example, Outdoor Thrills and Skills!

Based out of Thunder Bay, Outdoor Thrills and Skills won’t just teach you to climb. They’ll teach you what it feels like to be an adventurer - to be independent, empowered, and ambitious. And would you believe that this all happens in Northern Ontario? I had the pleasure of working with Aric Fishman, the founder of Outdoors Skills and Thrills Inc., to create a promotional video highlighting the joys of climbing.

Aric Fishman (Owner of Outdoor Skills & Thrills) 

Aric Fishman (Owner of Outdoor Skills & Thrills) 

Trust us when we say, that this video is a testament to the incredible power of video production. Outdoor Thrills and Skills is made up of a dedicated team of climbing fanatics who love being in nature as much as they love teaching brand new climbers the ropes. (Literally) Throughout this video, during interviews and action shots, they exude kindness, enthusiasm, and expertise. This video highlights the beauty of Northern Ontario alongside the skill of the instructors at Outdoor Thrills and Skills. The end product is inspiration and compelling. It is bound to inspire those brand new to the sport as well as seasoned climbers to start planning their next adventure. 

Using Video Production to Tell a Story

As a society, we are visual people. We spend our days looking at screens, processing ads, and picking up on nonverbal communication. Video production brings all of this together to create an interesting and informative final product. At Outdoor Thrills and Skills their objective is to “help grow a larger community of climbers and adventure seekers who are safe, skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate to share their love for the outdoors with others and live life to the fullest!” 

My “point of view” when filming. My camera is on my Cinevate Duzi Slider to create cinematic movements. Cinevate creates fantastic camera movement equipment.

My “point of view” when filming. My camera is on my Cinevate Duzi Slider to create cinematic movements. Cinevate creates fantastic camera movement equipment.

This is a mission statement I can get behind. I love to work with ambitious, community minded businesses and individuals who are just as passionate about their work as I am about mine. Better yet, I believe that their mission statement shines through in the final product. 

About Costal Productions

Costal Productions is a creative media company that provides video production, timelapse photography, stock footage, and freelance services. You can find me on set or on the trails exploring in and around Thunder Bay, Ontario! Using top of the line video production materials, as well as some incredibly fun drones for aerial videography, I have had the privilege of working in Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama. 

To learn more about Costal Productions’ services, get in touch with me here!